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Is TRT Right for You? Learn More About Testosterone Therapy in West Bloomfield

Testosterone is a crucial hormone responsible for regulating your sex drive, fat distribution, endurance, and more. When your testosterone levels fall, you may experience negative effects that make carrying out your daily activities difficult, and just not feel like yourself. Here’s a rundown on why you may benefit from testosterone therapy with the medical experts […]

How A Thyroid Treatment in West Bloomfield Can Improve Your Overall Health

Struggling with thinning hair or having trouble losing weight? Don’t simply blame yourself or your age—instead get your thyroid levels checked! Your thyroid is responsible for producing hormones essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here’s everything you need to know about thyroid treatment in West Bloomfield from the experienced specialists at Forum Health: What your […]

What Is BHRT?: How Bioidentical Hormones in West Bloomfield Work

Perhaps you’ve gone through or heard of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), also known as natural hormone therapy, refers to the use of artificially created hormones that are identically built to match those that your body produces.  Hormones play a significant role in the health of men and women of all […]

Common Deficiencies & Hormone Imbalance Treatments in West Bloomfield

As part of your hormone replacement therapy in West Bloomfield, the medical providers at Forum Health West Bloomfield will meet with you for a one-one one consultation to learn more about your specific symptoms, challenges, and goals for treatment. We’ll also use this as an opportunity to learn more about your medical history and any allergies […]

What Makes Hormone Optimization in West Bloomfield Effective?

For patients suffering from a hormonal imbalance, Forum Health West Bloomfield offers scientifically-backed treatments that can alleviate symptoms and help you feel like your old self again. As part of your treatment plan, we utilize hormone optimization in West Bloomfield that goes beyond just getting your hormone levels back to a normal range. Find out what […]

Wondering About Your Overall Health? Try Our Specialty Labs in Rochester, MI

The state of your blood work can help you gain clarity on the underlying aspects of your overall health. But as useful as it can perform your blood work at your primary doctor, these visits don’t allow you to perform the comprehensive tests to show you everything you need to know.  At Forum Health, we […]

Low Testosterone Treatments in Michigan

When it comes to the features and traits we think of as “manly,” such as facial and body hair, muscle tone, deep voice, and more, the hormone testosterone is mostly responsible. Many factors other than age can cause a man to experience a drop in testosterone levels, meaning that the condition can occur at almost […]

Natural Hormone Therapy in Michigan for Women

hormone therapy in michigan

If you have not been feeling yourself lately, a hormone imbalance could be to blame. Even if you haven’t yet experienced menopause, hormone imbalance can still cause a variety of physical and emotional issues in the everyday lives of women in Michigan. Forum Health help countless women restore the balance within their bodies and fight […]

Treatments for Hormone Imbalances From A Hormone Specialist In Michigan

Hormones control almost all your body’s basic functions. These biological messengers help your cells communicate and keep your body, mind, mood, and sex drive in balance. As we age, our hormone systems function sub-optimally or become unbalanced, leading to serious effects on physical and mental health and well-being—not to mention the possible negative effects on […]