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How GAINSWave® Provides Effective ED Treatment in West Bloomfield


For men dealing with problems in their sexual health and performance, GAINSWave®  is a highly effective way to improve every aspect of your sexual performance. At Forum Health West Bloomfield, we utilize this device to provide proven ED Treatment in West Bloomfield, as well as treatment for other men’s sexual dysfunction issues. The GAINSWave device […]

Enhance Your Microneedling Treatments in West Bloomfield with DermaFrac!

DermaFrac is a unique type of microneedling treatment used at Forum Health. Though we’re huge fans of SkinPen and other treatments, DermaFrac differs in the number of different infusions that our staff can include. The different infusions you can choose from as part of your treatment emphasize: Rejuvenation Vitamin C Hydration Skin Clarification And Growth […]

What are Regenerative Treatments in West Bloomfield?

For those seeking pain relief, hair growth, rejuvenated skin, and improved sexual performance look no further. Forum Health provides regenerative treatment in West Bloomfield that delivers beautiful, long-lasting results. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a revolutionary treatment that relieves pain by promoting long-lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions using the healing power of your own body! Do […]

Benefits of Anti-Aging Treatments in West Bloomfield

As we age, our hormonal activity decreases significantly. This decrease in hormones contributes to unwanted body fat, decreased sex drive, mood changes, and more. Forum Health in West Bloomfield approaches this issue of aging through a wide variety of regenerative services, hormone therapies, IV therapy, and aesthetic services. We offer an entire menu of bio-identical […]