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What Makes Hormone Optimization in West Bloomfield Effective?

For patients suffering from a hormonal imbalance, Forum Health West Bloomfield offers scientifically-backed treatments that can alleviate symptoms and help you feel like your old self again. As part of your treatment plan, we utilize hormone optimization in West Bloomfield that goes beyond just getting your hormone levels back to a normal range.

Find out what makes our approach so effective!


Our Hormone Optimization Approach

What sets our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy treatments apart at Forum Health West Bloomfield is our commitment to finding your “optimal” hormone levels. Each person is different, and the specific treatments, dosage, and frequency of therapy needed will all be different as well. 

The problem with many hormone therapy clinics is that they don’t take this fact into account. Rather, the treatment programs are too rigid, causing some people to get too little or too much treatment at incorrect doses for substandard results. 

With our approach to hormone replacement therapy in West Bloomfield at Forum Health, we’re capable of scientifically designing a treatment plan to help with your specific deficiencies. What’s more, because each person has a different optimal range, we don’t just focus on returning your hormones to normal levels. The reason being that there is a wide range of what medical experts consider “normal.”

For example, testosterone levels (also known as T levels) between 280ng/dL and 1000ng/dL are considered normal. That’s a significant range, and simply returning a person’s T levels to 280ng/dL may not be enough to eliminate symptoms. 

We want all of our patients to feel their absolute best, and going the extra mile to find whatever your optimal level of hormone production is ensures a better chance of that outcome. 


Learn More About Hormone Optimization in West Bloomfield at Forum Health!

Forum Health West Bloomfield is proud to offer the latest technology and treatments to help you feel your best. With our personalized approach, we help patients learn the root cause of their health and wellness issues and work relentlessly to help patients overcome their symptoms. Backed by a highly experienced and professional staff, we offer lasting results in a judgment-free environment. 

Regardless of your condition or symptoms, our staff will work with you on an individual basis to help patients overcome their unique challenges. With proven hormone replacement therapy in West Bloomfield, we can help men and women feel like the best versions of themselves.

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