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A Weight Loss Clinic in Michigan Explains How to Overcoming Plateaus With Exercise

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At Forum Health, we’re passionate about helping you reach your goals and attaining long-term success.  If you’ve hit a plateau with your weight loss, it might be time to adjust your workout routine. 

Getting your heart rate up signals your body to burn more calories. Though the kitchen is your ultimate weapon for weight loss, regular exercise also plays a crucial role in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss really comes down to this: you need to burn more calories than you consume. If you’ve plateaued or put on weight, that may be a signal to work more often, for longer periods, or at higher intensities. 

There’s also the possibility that your metabolism slowed down as you’ve lost weight. This is because people tend to lose muscle mass as they lose pounds on the scale. In this case, you may be eating the same number of calories as you normally do. However, because of your slower metabolism, you would also be burning fewer calories than normal. Thus, the plateau.

If you don’t already, one way to boost your metabolism while adding intensity to your workouts is through strength training. Strength training with weights gets your heart rate pumping, builds muscle mass, and kickstarts your metabolism all at once! Mixing in weights along with cardio is a great way to provide variety to your workouts and burn additional calories.

You can also do things outside of the gym to burn extra calories throughout the day. Small substitutes like taking the stairs, riding a bike to work, and cleaning up around the house are all great ways to increase your activity levels.


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When you work with Forum Health, you’ll benefit from professional nutritional support and a comprehensive weight loss program in Michigan. 

We’ll also include customized exercise recommendations that you can incorporate into your routine. Along with a healthy diet, following this program and changing up your routine as needed can do wonders for overcoming your plateau. 

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