Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)



Do you suffer from low T? Learn more about low T and how our testosterone replacement therapy in West Bloomfield can help you feel your best. 

About TRT

Signs of low testosterone include: 

  • Lack of Energy 
  • Loss of focus 
  • Decreased drive & motivation 
  • Constant fatigue 
  • Increased abdominal fat 
  • Decreased athletic performance 
  • Decreased muscle mass 
  • Depression or mood swings 
  • Low libido (sex drive) 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Loss of morning erections 
  • Sleep problems 

About Low T

Andropause or male menopause is the decrease in testosterone that happens to men as they age.   

The most common cause of andropause, or male menopause, is a decline in testosterone levels. The male body produces peak testosterone levels during the late teenage years and then steadily declines 1-2% per year after that. Most men don’t start to experience symptoms from low testosterone until their mid-late 30s. 

Other common causes of low testosterone include:  

  • Obesity 
  • Head Trauma 
  • Anabolic Steroid Abuse 
  • Stress 
  • Testicular injury 
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy 


Health Risks

Many health risks have been associated with low testosterone including: 

  • Cardiovascular Disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Obesity 
  • Erectile Dysfunction 


Benefits of replacing testosterone to optimal levels include:  

  • Improved overall quality of life 
  • Increased muscle mass, strength and endurance 
  • Improved exercise tolerance 
  • Improved libido, erectile function and sexual performance 
  • Improved focus, drive and motivation 
  • Decreased both visceral and subcutaneous fat 
  • Lower cholesterol and improved lipid parameters 
  • Improved lean muscle mass, bone density, skin tone and collagen formation 
  • Protection against cardiovascular disease, hypertension and arthritis 
  • Improved cognition and enhanced memory 
  • Lower insulin resistance 
  • Increases metabolism 

How it Works

Getting started with Hormone Replacement Therapy in West Bloomfield is very easy and convenient.  

  1. Treatment Options – We offer testosterone replacement therapy in West Bloomfield via a cream that is applied to your scrotum (or labia for females) or via subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. The cream is applied twice daily (or once daily for females) and injections are administered twice weekly for best results. 


  1. Risks/Side EffectsHair loss (minimal if any), hair growth (in areas that you don’t want it), acne, aggression (in high doses- extremely rare with traditional TRT doses).  Increases libido, decreases sperm production and testicle size, and adversely affects fertility. Increases fluid retention and edema in 10% of patients. Causes mastalgia (nipple tenderness) and decreases subcutaneous fat (gynecomastia), not increasing it. Transference of transdermal cream can cause fetal virilization (teratogenic). For nipple tenderness, you can either decrease the dose or use aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole 0.5mg twice weekly) for 1-2 months, and then stop. Long-term use of aromatase inhibitors causes harm and side effects. 


  1. Follow upAfter testosterone replacement therapy in West Bloomfield is started, we obtain follow-up blood work in 6 weeks, then 6 months, then yearly. Our goal is to improve your free testosterone level to an optimal value of 30-40pg/ml. This typically puts the total value in the 1200 range. Ultimately, it is your relief of symptoms that guides our therapy recommendations. 


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