Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is a requirement to meet with one of our providers for all treatments and services.


No, we are unable to accept insurance. However, many people have been successful using their HSA or FSA accounts. We are able to provide a detailed letter outlining our program and your specific needs that you may submit to your insurance provider.

We have multiple high-grade pharmaceutical supplements as well as prescription medications, IVs, and injectables that may be prescribed to support any of our specialties and services such as hormone therapy, medical weight loss, or sexual wellness.

Immediately following your initial visit, you will be scheduled for your return visit. A successful outcome from the style of healthcare we provide requires taking steps to meet your unique needs and goals. This type of care often necessitates course adjustments along the way. Many of the tests we might recommend require licensed provider authorization and accurate education about the the results. Any tests that are available at the time of your return visit will be reviewed with you at the time of that visit in order to assist in these care adjustments as appropriate.


Yes, we use a highly sophisticated software system that is interconnected, allowing us to access your account at any of our four locations.


We accept cash and all major credit cards. We are unable to accept checks and we do not participate with insurance companies.  We do, however, accept HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts).