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Alternatives To Surgery: Advice From Regenerative Medicine Specialists in West Bloomfield

If you’re considering surgery for your injury or pain, it may be in your best interest to seek another opinion from a regenerative medicine specialist. With five locations in Michigan, including in West Bloomfield, Forum Health are passionate about providing the highest quality of care to patients who seek our help. 

Regenerative medicine therapy works for many of our patients to help reduce inflammation, ease pain, recover from an injury, prevent future wear and tear, and even avoid surgery. 

Keep reading to learn about regenerative medicine as an alternative to surgery from our regenerative medicine specialists in West Bloomfield. 

How are regenerative medicine treatments administered?

Depending on a patient’s unique symptoms or condition, we can treat their pain and avoid surgery. We can also prevent future wear and tear with regenerative medicine therapy. 

A patient trying to avoid surgery or overcome a strain or tear in their shoulder or knee without surgery may receive blood-derived growth factor injections directly in the problem area(s). This can regenerate important tissues that relieve pain and put off the need for surgery or allow a patient to avoid it entirely. 

Alternatively, a proactive approach involves treatments that can: 

  • Improve present injuries and prevent future ones 
  • Reduce the effect of age on the body 
  • Prevent wear and tear to the joints 

It’s important to note that neither treatments nor surgery for that matter, is a quick fix. Most patients who respond to regenerative medicine therapy as an alternative to surgery won’t feel the full results of the treatment for several months or possibly up to one year after treatment. 

Though it’s no faster than surgery, regenerative medicine treatments are significantly less risky to you since no anesthesia is necessary, no scar tissue is created, and you can avoid other costs and fees associated with surgery! 

See a regenerative medicine specialist in West Bloomfield at Forum Health!

At Forum Health, we are proud to be the top regenerative medicine specialists in West Bloomfield. We are passionate about preventive and regenerative medicine and enjoy helping our patients find freedom from pain without risky or invasive surgery. 

If you have a joint injury or chronic pain and want to know about alternatives to surgery, come consult with us. We are happy to go over your options and answer all your questions about regenerative medicine treatments. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment or let us know more about your concerns with our virtual consultation tool! 

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