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Get Natural Results With a Blood-Derived Growth Factor Facial in West Bloomfield

If you’ve ever received a facial, or have ever thought about getting one, an important factor you’ve probably considered is how natural the results will look. While you may want to appear more youthful and rejuvenated, you also don’t want to look like you’ve had any “work” done.

What if we told you that Forum Health of West Bloomfield, formerly Forum Health West Bloomfield, offers a facial that uses nothing but your body’s natural growth hormones to achieve beautiful results? It’s totally possible through the use of platelet-rich plasma!

Read on to learn more about platelet-rich plasma and the benefits of a facial in West Bloomfield!

What are Blood-Derived Growth Factor Injections?

Blood-derived growth factors can be one of the most effective ways to achieve true facial rejuvenation. Though many will recognize Blood-derived growth factors for their benefits in treating and relieving body pain, this particular treatment can do so much more—including hair restoration, improvements to men’s and women’s sexual health and, yes, facials in West Bloomfield!

Why are Blood-derived growth factors in particular so effective at treating all of these different concerns? It stems from the fact that it uses your body’s own natural growth factors to regenerate a specific treatment area. 

The Process

This process starts by taking a blood sample from your arm, and then putting that sample into a centrifuge to separate out the growth factors. We then inject those growth factors back into the face to naturally regrow the cells and restore a vibrant, youthful appearance!

There are two specific blood-derived growth factor facials in West Bloomfield we can perform—a PlasmaGlow Facelift and a PlasmaGlow Facial


The Difference Between a PlasmaGlow Facial and PlasmaGlow Facelift

PlasmaGlow Facials combine blood-derived growth factors and microneedling to provide comprehensive facial rejuvenation. We’ll dive a bit deeper into this process later on, but microneedling involves creating small microwounds in the skin to stimulate collagen production within the face. As that collagen rebuilds, it creates a firmer, more youthful appearance that works exceptionally well in tandem with the cell re-growth from blood-derived growth factors!

PlasmaGlow Facelifts, on the other hand, combine blood-derived growth factors and hyaluronic acid fillers to help lift the skin and restore facial volume and shape. The medical aesthetic experts at Forum Health can customize the type and amount of HA fillers they use to create a facial shape that matches your aesthetic goals. 

The other main difference between a PlasmaGlow Facelift and a PlasmaGlow Facial is that while a PlasmaGlow Facial uses microneedling to spread the blood-derived growth factor serum across the face, a PlasmaGlow Facelift injects blood-derived growth factors below the dermis. Regardless, both treatments have the ability to provide a younger, natural-looking complexion without surgery! 

Both treatments last less than one hour and can bring immediate results after just one treatment. However, most patients see the best possible results after a series of 3 treatments.

Schedule Your Facial in West Bloomfield!

When you work with Forum Health, you get the benefit of dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Our team will offer timely service and support, as well as all the necessary information needed to begin your testing and treatment process.  

We also perform these services at our other locations across Eastern Michigan, including Novi, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, and Shelby. Dedicated to providing a premier patient care experience, our team customizes each plan specifically for you—providing individualized guidance and support to help you overcome your unique challenges. 

If you’re ready to regain your youthful glow, we can help! Schedule an in-person appointment today and see the difference a science-backed plan and experienced medical professionals can do for you.