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What to Know About Hormones and Weight Loss from a Weight Loss Specialist in Michigan

Hormone deficiencies play a direct role in weight management problems and even obesity. If you follow your weight loss plan properly and still do not see your desired results, it could mean you have a hormone imbalance.

As a result, your weight loss timeline may be affected and your progress may be slowed. Fortunately, the experts at Forum Health can use a few different methods to combat these issues. These include Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and weight loss injections.

Our hormones decrease naturally as we age, but even younger patients can experience issues with imbalances. In these cases, it may mean a deficit in natural testosterone or thyroid production. Additionally, many weight loss patients deal with insulin resistance or.

To combat this, we use our proven BHRT treatments. To start, we take a full blood panel in order to get an accurate gauge of your hormone levels. After a consultation, we develop a treatment plan based on your symptoms and the results of your blood work before beginning therapy. 

We often find that patients have one or multiple vitamin deficiencies potentially slowing their progress. Twice-weekly injections at one of our clinics in Michigan can help replenish your body with the vitamins you need to supplement your weight loss. Our available injections include:


  • LipoDen Plus Injections
  • Vitamin B12 Injections
  • L-Carnitine injections


Each of these injections offers specific benefits. However, we design each of them to help boost your energy and facilitate your weight loss. Not only that, our injections can help ensure that your body gets the proper vitamin intake it needs to continue a healthy lifestyle.


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