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Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Break Free from Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and Pain

Experience lasting, full mind and body healing.

Ask about our safe, FDA-approved medication for treatment-resistant mood disorders, PTSD, and chronic pain.  Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy allows you to work through subconscious, repressed feelings that underlie unproductive behavior patterns, poor mental and emotional functioning and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

It expedites the healing process to promote calm, openness, healing, and empowerment.


What makes Forum Health different?

Nuanced Dosing: 

We are not a one-size-fits-all clinic. We consider your age, metabolism, lifestyle, and medications to determine the appropriate dose for your session. We believe this personal approach is the key to long-term healing.

Ensured Comfort: 

Experienced medical technicians supervise the infusion to ensure your safety and comfort the entire time, so that you full benefits of your session in a comfortable environment.

Integrative Approach: 

We take an integrative, root-cause approach to healing the mind-body connection to promote full-body healing.

Want to learn more?

Watch the videos below to learn how ketamine-assisted therapy is offering new hope in the fight for mental health.

What Can I Expect From My Session?

  1. Your session will take place in a relaxing setting with a comfortable reclining chair, soft lighting, blanket, and an eye mask. Our goal is to make you feel as calm and at ease as possible.

  2. A licensed medical technician will take your vitals and then administer a prescribed low dose of the medication. You will begin to experience a sense of “one-ness” and a kind of third-party objectivity sets in. Many patients report experiencing a heavy body sensation, followed by feeling light as a feather and the relief of any pain in the body.

  3. During your session, a provider is present to help you work through anything that arises to facilitate healing including subconscious negative mindsets, memories, images, or feelings.

  4. As the session ends, you’ll be guided by the therapist to slowly transition to a baseline state of consciousness. It is this integration of experience that fosters long-term healing. Patients will start to feel “normal” 30 minutes after the session ends, however we suggest you having someone pick you up from the clinic.

How do I know if this medication is right for me?

We have found this therapy is especially useful if you:

  • Are not functioning optimally mentally and emotionally


  • Are stuck in a negative loop or cycle you can’t escape 


  • Are repeating unproductive patterns of behavior
  • Recognize unhealthy coping mechanisms:  
    • Avoidance, procrastination or low motivation
    • Excessive sleep or overworking 
    • Unhealthy relationship to drugs, alcohol or other substances 
    • Excessive exercise or sex 
    • Impulsive behavior, unhealthy risk-taking
    • Changes in eating habits

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