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How Our Weight Management Clinic in Clarkston Can Help You Stick to Your Timeline

When it comes to losing weight, not getting the positive feedback of immediate results can feel discouraging. Rest assured that real results take time, and plateaus are to be expected. That said, our weight management clinic in Clarkston offers a range of products and services to overcome these roadblocks! Here are some of the services that we offer at Forum Health to help you adhere to your weight management timeline:


Our weight loss plans

Searching for the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills? Look no further than our clinic for physician-developed weight loss plans that are tailored to your goals. Our experienced team understands the importance of optimizing your exercise and diet plans together, so you can stick to your timeline.

Exercise plans

We all know the importance of exercise for weight loss, but developing an exercise plan that fits into your hectic routine and is specifically created to target your problem areas is where the real questions lie. 

A qualified weight management clinic in Clarkston can provide patients with comprehensive exercise plans that help you lose weight, maintain results, and build muscle. We work to hold you accountable without overwhelming your schedule. 

Nutritional guidance

Our weight-loss coaches will check in with you twice a week to ensure that you’re staying on track with your diet. We’ll break down the importance of a calorie deficit, and provide tools to help you navigate this lifestyle change. 

Tips for fast-tracked weight loss

Don’t forget, your hormones, age, and gender play roles in your ability to lose weight quickly. However, our weight management clinic in Clarkston offers a range of products and services to combat these road bumps and help you stick to a strict timeline:

  • Jumpstart plan
  • Liquid diet
  • Weight loss injections
  • Supplements
  • Hormone therapy


Schedule your consultation with Forum Health: the best weight management clinic in Clarkston!

Ready to unlock a new level of confidence and boost your overall health? The weight loss physicians at Forum Health can help you achieve and maintain your desired results, on time and on budget. 

Our weight management clinic in Clarkston provides comprehensive weight loss services, creating personalized plans just for you! Your first step to a healthier you begins with a consultation. Contact us to schedule your appointment or try our virtual lifestyle analysis tool today.