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What are Medical Consultations in Michigan Like?

Forum Health in Michigan aims to help people lose weight. We understand that our patients have concerns, special requirements, or simply want to discuss what exactly a weight loss journey looks like for them. This is why all of our new patients have a consultation with one of our certified medical professionals!

During the medical consultation, we go over a wide range of information that forms a profile of you as a patient. This information includes:

  • body measurements,
  • medical history, and
  • lifestyle factors.


During the initial consultation, a medical professional from our team weighs you and generates your body mass index (BMI), a number range that determines your health risks.

For example, if you are a 5’4″ female who weighed 170 pounds, your BMI would classify you as overweight. Being overweight carries the increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, more. This classification gives us a starting point to determine your goals and the best way to achieve them.

The medical history part of the initial consultation reviews any major surgeries, medical crisis, and other relevant information about your health. This could include if you are breastfeeding or not, if you recently had plastic surgery, and more. All of this information is never to judge you; your medical history only lets us catch up on your health journey, which allows us to help you better.

Finally, the lifestyle portion of the initial consultation reviews your daily life. This includes your diet and exercise routine. 

For diet, we ask if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. No matter if your diet is vegan or keto, we have a diet plan that works for you. 

We always go over exercise, but also consider your work life too. Do you work outdoors and move a lot or do you work mostly from a desk? These small details clue us in on your lifestyle, which allows us to offer you a fitness routine that is neither too sudden nor too boring. 

We want you to take your time and enjoy your weight loss journey. We know that this is key to successful weight loss, so our medical consultations in Michigan allow us to get to know you as not only a patient, but as a person.

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